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In tonight’s episode we are joined by first-time guest Houston Curtis, the author of “Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist” to discuss the high-rolling game of poker. He tells us how he and actor Tobey Maguire engineered the biggest poker hustle in Hollywood history, fleecing millions of dollars from sports stars, billionaires, and the Hollywood elites; telling the true story of what occurred- not the version of the story portrayed in the Arron Sorkin film “Molly’s Game”.

Houston tells us of his up’s and down’s and how he lost millions during the famed celebrity poker scandal and 2008 market crash, leaving L.A. dead broke on the heels of a heart attack that had him pronounced dead on the table at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles; revived only to be told by doctors that, at best he had 5 years to live.

Houston Curtis is the founder of, a former television producer, author, and a world-renowned master card mechanic. He has been banned for life from The Golden Nugget for “Excessive Winning” and today works as a consultant for casinos and the private sector on game protection from all forms of cheating.


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