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In this edition we welcome Dr. Reginald McDaniel on board as we delve into answers regarding the correlation between the Polio epidemic and Covid-19, the brainwashing of M.D.’s into excessive drug prescribing, micro-nutrients and the role they play in cells, the possibility of “better” vaccines, and more!

Dr. Reg McDaniel is a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and has spent 20 years practicing anatomical and clinical pathology, including positions as the Director of Pathology and Laboratories and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft Worth Medical Center. In 1981 he began research at Fisher Institute for Medical Research using a bean extract to stimulate the immune system. In 1985, he aided in the work of scientists that had isolated the active principle of the Aloe Vera Plant, and conducted the first government-monitored studies in humans using this glyconutrient, aloe polymannan (manapol®), conditions through the nutritional support of normal biochemistry under gene control! In 1996, the American Naturopathic Medical Association recognized this work with their annual “Discovery of the Year Award”. Dr. McDaniel was a consultant to Carrington Laboratories for 9 years, Medical Director for Mannatech, Inc. for their first 8 years, and he was the Health Science Consultant to Manna Relief Ministries for 4 years. Currently, Dr McDaniel is Director of Research at Wellness Quest, LLC. He has published numerous educational papers on the effects of glyconutritional in relation to various condition.


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