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In this edition we welcome Dr. Wilfred Riley on board as we look into the Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, Taboo: Ten facts you aren’t allowed to talk about, and the $50,000,000 Question: an Examination between Privilege and Pride.


Wilfred Reilly is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University, a historically Black college in Frankfort, Kentucky near Louisville. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Southern Illinois University and a law degree from the University of Illinois.


Reilly’s research focuses on empirical testing of political claims which are often very influential but, he claims as sensational they are, they are rarely well-supported by scientific data. As one who grades student’s research papers on merit of facts and accuracy himself, he quickly sees that much of our mainstream media’s sensationalism surrounding hate-crime, is simply based on falsehoods that arouse emotion and suppress due diligence.


These falsehoods are simply supported by media repetition like plagiarists copying the wrong answers of other plagiarists, and not facts. For that very fact, he gives many of our media’s fact checkers, or so-called investigators and news reporters a failing grade.


Reilly’s book Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, was published by Regnery Publishing in February 2019. For the book, Reilly assembled a data set of 409 allegedly false or dubious hate crime allegations (concentrated during the past five years), which he describes as hoaxes on the basis of reports in mainstream national or regional news sources. Reilly claims this data set is available to anyone who requests it.


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