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In tonight’s edition we welcome Norbert Heuser on board to discuss the molecular restructuring of the water molecule, all things 4 and 5G and how to protect yourself from harmful exposure. Norbert’s first goal was to handle the electromagnetic radiation in regard to 4G, but as more technology is introduced to the global population, more research became necessary. 


When his first grandson Elijah was born in 2008 and Norbert observed firsthand the “non knowledge” to a wide extend in the medical trade, when Eli was going through “stuff”. Norbert decided that he would not accept any damage done to his children and grandchildren and those of others.” Kids have no lobby,” he says. At that moment Norbert decided to turn his passion – alternative medicine – into his main trade. By that time, he felt he had enough competence accumulated over 30 years to know certain things “better” and to help and to improve life. And he started to apply and kept developing technologies. While he and his family members reside in Florida, his headquarters and production is all in Germany, where he dwells several times each year.



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