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Tonight we welcome inimitable Navy man Matthew Bracken for an in-depth analysis of the recent domestic tremors and how they are being used as test runs for gauging local and federal government/law enforcement agencies’ actions toward various levels of violence. Is the action of President Trump sending troops into certain cities going to squash the communist uprising or further fuel the fire? And what is the Civil War 2.0 probability and how to stay ahead of a potentially dangerous curve? We discuss this and much more.


Matt Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957 and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1979 with a degree in Russian Studies. He was commissioned in the US Navy through the NROTC program at UVA, and then graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training class 105 in Coronado California.


He served on east coast UDT and SEAL teams, taking a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut in 1983. Mr. Bracken left active duty after Lebanon, upon completion of his obligated military service, but he remained in an active reserve status through the remainder of the 1980s.


Since then he has lived in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Guam and California.
In 1993 Mr. Bracken finished building a 48-foot steel sailing cutter of his own design, on which he has done extensive ocean cruising, including a solo voyage 9,000 miles from Panama to Guam and two Panama Canal transits.


Links to his short stories and essays may be found at


    1. The ongoing Battle of Portland is a “probe” or a test run by revolutionary communists. (“Anarchists,” Antifa and BLM are just cover names for the RevComs.) They are testing local and federal .gov and LE reactions to various levels of violence, they are seeing if they can overmatch the feds with less-than-lethal tactics, and at what point the feds will use lethal methods [live ammo etc.]
      Lessons learned in Portland by the RevComs will be exported to your city, in an attempt to overwhelm LE. There are simply not enough FLEAs to send a Portland-level force to a dozen cities.
    2. The Deep State
    3. Do you see this developing into civil war 2.0?
    4. Coronavirus Hoax – Your thoughts?
    5. President Trump is sending troops into some cities, will this squash the uprising’s or just further fuel the fire?


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