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Tonight we are joined by first-time guest Rob Furlong, the sniper who fired a shot in 2002 that became the world record longest confirmed kill shot fired from a distance of 2,430 meters while serving as a corporal in the Canadian Forces during allied joint forces operations in Afghanistan. In respectful recognition of this feat and in solidarity of allied recognition and joint efforts, he and his team were awarded, The US Army Bronze Star.


Rob discusses with us that kill shot, what it is like being a member of a sniper cell/team, the “tools of the trade” snipers use, how hitting a target at long range is not as simple as point-and-shoot but involves many factors, such as patience, wind speed, elevation and the curvature of the Earth.


Following retirement from military life he served as a police officer in Edmonton where he now runs a marksmanship academy, “The Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy”



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