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Tonight we are pleased to welcome operating code programmer David Partanen as we examine predictive programming; what predictive or time delayed social or media-based programming looks like to someone who can quickly recognize its presence and even see the potential outcome in real time. What exactly are algorithms made up of and how important are they in contrast to this issue and others? Just how realistic is the acronym Certificate of Vaccination Identification 19, 1=A, 9 =I. Covid AI?


Dave Partanen writes computer operating codes and programs for a major financial institution and has done so for decades. In his world, the smallest mathematical anomaly or coding inconsistency can result in a major financial catastrophe. What goes in correct, comes out correct, or as is said in contrast, garbage in garbage out. Even still, a corrupted file can wreak havoc on what appears to be normal programming. Detecting and perceiving the source of such problems is second nature to Dave, so when he observes certain anomalies occurring in the world around him, his professional instincts lead him to question just who exactly is writing the code and influencing the outcomes in both our everyday analog lives and our digital world. Just who is also trying to alter our bodily genetic codes and doing the unthinkable, playing God by having external forces manipulate our internal workings from our thoughts and moods to our metabolism and biochemistry?



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