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• Maria Zack

If you have ever been to an Italian wedding reception, you’ve experienced the steady non-stop flow of amazing food. Italian cars and motorcycles are renowned for their sophisticated style and performance. Italy’s ancient architecture reflects its own distinct uniqueness from Pisa to the Roman baths and those Romans invented their concrete to last for more than a millennium and we’re still using it to build our world. Italy’s opulent churches and majestic Vatican City represent the roots of Catholic history to such a degree that many might emphatically profess that Jesus was a Catholic… and an Italian. Italy’s iconic art from Davinci’s Mona Lisa to Michelangelo’s David just smile say; ‘” now that’s Italian!” don’t they? … And of course, there’s the treachery of Medici’s and the hidden hand the mystique of the Mafia.

Caesar’s Romans once ruled the world… or do they still, just in another form? Has the dark art of deception, manipulation, and ruthless control been re-branded in ways that even Davinci, the Corleone Family, and con man Charles Ponzi couldn’t even invent? It would now appear so…

A humble Italian pundit and female philosopher, Graziela Bagnato taught her children and her followers these words of wisdom;

“Quando caghi nella neve, la neve alla fine, si scopra”

Translation; When someone poops in the snow, the snow will eventually melt…for all to discover.

Most of us can recall a certain iconic Italian “Godfather” saying; “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgment”. Jesus even taught us that loving our enemy’s heaps burning coals upon their heads. Michael Corleone’s versatile nose for deceit could even transform on-screen to distantly detect The Scent of a Woman., Al Pacino Lt. aka Col. Frank Slade taught us that; even the blind, who have “been around” are awake enough to smell and expose corruption, fraud, and lies. Hoo-ah!…

Like Columbus, Maria Zack is someone who boldly reached across the ocean to make some historical landmark discoveries. And like Lt. Columbo, she has also done her detective work. She’s already taken a flame thrower to certain fraudulent institutions and cast a bucket of hot coals upon the lily-white snow where they’ve tried to cover up the largest “dump” of false data in our time. That snow has indeed now melted… And it’s time to clean up some exposed dirty business in our back yard. Her story has more moving parts than a Ferrari V-12 engine, but do be assured, she’s not driving blind. Please do buckle up, …this is going to be quite a wild ride.

Maria Zack is a business and political strategist, a top global elite-trained government affairs expert, inventor, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Ms. Zack has been successful in creating many companies in a number of different industries.

Currently, Ms. Zack is CEO and founder of Quantum Solutions Software, Inc., a software development company working to develop integrated project management tools with social media applications.

She is most proud of her work with Nations In Action, a non-profit she founded in 2017 to promote transparency and accountability in governments and to be an advocate for families and family success. Nations In Action boasts many successes in its advocacy work and is currently focused on exposing the greatest election theft in history – the fraudulent presidential election of 2020.

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