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Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson
Twitter: @LauraLynnTT

Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson is a Ugandan-born warrior princess now residing in British Columbia. She is a faith-based blogger with a burr under her saddle blanket and a fire in her heart. She has hosted the Canadian 700 Club on TV and s appeared on several N. American Christian networks. She is quite an energetic keynote speaker, once even a political candidate, and is now the host of her own faith-based, current affairs TV show, Laura Lynn and Friends on Laura Lynn TV.

Her broadcast platform challenges and analyzes many of mainstream media’s narratives along with the expert opinions of her guests. While some sadly confused people are destroying monuments in our public places, she has scaled up some to preach, speak and alert the masses.

Laura Lynn recently joined the special ranks of those being censored and being de-platformed for speaking the truth. Welcome to the club, we’ve been waiting for you!

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