Col. James Williamson & Derrick Mark


Many of those awaiting safe passage home are in Afghanistan on mission work outside of our “military mission”. Christian mission workers and Afghan Christians, translators and liaisons face extreme consequences face a litany of horrors from brutal execution to being kidnapped, ransomed, or enslaved by Taliban captors or even traded or sold off as slaves.

Meghan Walsh

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America’s Most Wanted: Who is John Walsh & why did he use CPS (Children’s Protective Services) to report false child abuse allegations to steal Meghan Walsh’s 3 children? Is CPS being used to target certain families for ransom to keep them quiet?

Mike Pack

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Mike Pack is a 25-year Veteran Television Producer. Mike Worked as a producer for shows such as Big Brother, The Tyra Banks Show, Jenny Jones & has created 6 shows that sold to prime-time cable networks & Digital… READ MORE

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