Dr. Daniel Nagase

Dr. Daniel Nagase graduated medical school in 2004 and has been practicing as an ER doctor in British Columbia and Alberta since 2010. Prior to medical school he completed an Honors BSc in Physiology and Cell Biology at McGill University. He has two papers published in the medical literature on the topics of facial trauma and head trauma.

Dr. Nagase is of Japanese- Canadian ancestry and knows all too well of the draconian government ordered “lockdowns” of the past including the wartime internment camps experienced by his ancestors and many like them. He’s also most aware of the retribution exacted upon the perpetrators of crimes against humanity at Nuremberg within that same era. He and fellow demonstrators who are against un-informed and non-consensual medical experimentation in our present day, recently brought Nuremberg to Vancouver…complete with their own gallows, effigies and rope.

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