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We all have common blood – common ancestry – and, what’s more – we all have the following basic needs: Life, Liberty The Pursuit of Happiness.

On this landmark Episode 900, Brendi Richards and John B. discuss the impending genocide in South Africa. From the history of the country to what Apartheid was really about, there are no holds barred when an entire people have been misrepresented and vilified, while the same globalists that cause chaos everywhere in the world now arrange for a mass extinction event.

Global Socialism seeks to deny each of these basic needs in the reverse order they were acquired – ultimately conspiring to perform Genocide wherever it is tried. If you think your coastal oceans keep you safe? They don’t. What is being practiced in smaller countries – is being perfected to destroy the Last Bastion of Freedom on Earth – and, only your silence will allow this cancer to spread – only your tacit agreement (quiet acceptance) will allow your children to be murdered in their sleep – as millions are being murdered today. What does Globalist Genocide look like? How does it infect a body-politic? What are the stages? What can a mother do – when the media blanket of death roams your countryside? Tonight’s show takes you into the Heart of Darkness that IS Global Socialism – puts your throat under the knife of it’s Agents Provacateur – casts the Light of Truth into the dark shadows of its minions – and gives you a ringside seat to what your Media Dollars have purchased. You can’t run. You can’t hide. Something Wicked This Way Comes – for your very life. Help us stop this slaughter – before it breaks your own door in – before your son or daughter doesn’t show up for dinner – before your baby is plucked from your arms and dashed to pieces before your eyes. Learn how, together, we may be able to stop it. This is a story you will hear nowhere else. Decide for yourself why that is.

This is a story you will hear nowhere else.

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