Alexander William Britton is a US Citizen and a first person witness who intervened and foiled the “original 9/11” attack that was planned for September 11, 1999 in San Diego, California. Alex thwarted an attack that was planned on an International Youth Hostel, near the beach in an otherwise nondescript neighborhood. In so doing he unknowingly prevented a significant chain of events that would have been devastating to America. Alex joins us as an audio interview because he lives his day-to-day life as a “targeted individual.” Having grown us in an “agency family” Alex has spent much of his adult life rebuilding numerous puzzle pieces that are often rooted in extremely painful childhood memories; some of which have returned more recently as God enables his spirit to overcome the advanced conditioning that his older brother and he endured growing up. Alex is a whistleblower who is coming forward for the first time to explain difficult subjects that have negatively affected him and negatively affect all of us everyday, whether we know it or not. In addition to the information that he will discuss today, Alex enjoys working in the field of physics with an emphasis on The Unified Field, as he searches for answers to enormous questions that have shaped many years of his life and may shape all of yours’ as well.

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