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Agent X

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Ark Midnight 131 - Agent X & Peter Manuel

Dec 22, 2018

• ‘Agent X’ & Peter Manuel

Tonight on Ark Midnight, we are making a news cycle-based schedule change and bringing to you one of our experts, “Agent X” to delve into the inner-machinations of the Deep State and Shadow Government; a government that Drudge is reporting as “Twas the Shutdown Before Christmas.”

“Agent X” is a former member of the high level intel community and it is imperative that we bring his information to you.

Following Agent X, we are joined by Peter Manuel, who checks in from South Australia. Peter is the Founder of “FLAG, Australia” and a whistle blower on the Australian Governments’ theft and commoditizing of the countries water, a scheme that is forcing Australians to consume poisoned water and tainted food.

Peter will explain how the global warming myth is really a design by the power elite to dumb us down and sicken us and it is a fight that is truly global in scope, magnitude and applicability.

Read more about Peter Manuel here: http://flagaustralia.org./

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