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Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire

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Ark Midnight 132 - with Paul McGuire

Dec 29, 2018

• Paul McGuire

Ark Midnight Host, John B Wells is joined by international speaker, film producer, prolific writer and co-author of “Trumpocalypse,” Paul McGuire.

With a view of the dynamics, successes and tumult surrounding President Donald J Trump’s second year in office, Paul McGuire will guide listeners through the prophetic possibilities that May-serve as a template, superimposed over 2019. The Federal Government is temporarily shut down but the forces of darkness are in pitched battle with the individual spirit within each of us, that, as a whole, comprise America today. Paul is scheduled for the entire program, save for opening commentary and analysis by John B Wells.

Paul McGuire recently stated “when you perceive the world around us, through spiritual definition, that is a major step forward, toward the changes we must see today.” Join us at 9:00pm CST to discover what those changes are and the position you must hold in the spirit-war raging all around us.

Paul McGuire Paul McGuire’s Website: www.paulmcguire.us/

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