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Ark Midnight 137 - Stewart Rhodes & Jeff Yago

Feb 02, 2019


• Stewart Rhodes & Jeff Yago

Join us this Saturday night February 2, 2019 for Ark Midnight with your Host, John B Wells at 9:00pm CST.

John B hosts the first hour with news, analysis and commentary followed by Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers.  Stewart is on the ground in Covington, Kentucky.

John and he will provide a breakdown of one of the biggest stories of January 2019 “The Covington Kids.”

At 10:30pm CST we are pleased to welcome Jeff Yago, author of “Lights On” (WND Books). Jeff and John B will discuss the more-dangerous-than-ever threat of multiple grid down scenarios from electro magnetic pulse (EMP) to coronal mass ejection (CME) and asymmetric warfare.

Jeff Yago will discuss preventative measures and how to obtain a proper level of preparedness.

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