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Paul Begley

Ark Midnight 138 - with Paul Begley

Feb 09, 2019

• Paul Begley

 Paul Begley joins John B Wells to discuss the spin-out of America’s moral compass.  After the demonstrative leftist reaction to Tuesday’s State of the Union and the horrific, life threatening details out of New York, the question posed to Paul Begley and to every decent God-fearing American today is: have we, as a nation, completely fallen into a reprobate national mindset and a code blue collapse of love toward our countrymen and especially the most defenseless among us, our babies, children and the generational future of these United States?

With over 130 million views on YouTube and a decade of service and commitment, Paul Begley Prophecies is an epicenter for those who treasure who he have been since 1776, “One Nation under God.” There are big questions before us as a country.

John B Wells and Paul Begley will spend two hours crafting solution based content you cannot afford to miss. Ark Midnight would like to welcome the Seattle, Washington and Lubbock, Texas Truth-Warrior Community to our Program.

Paul Begley’s Website: www.paulbegleyprophecy.com

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