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Diamond & Silk | Burleigh Drummond | David Icke

Ark Midnight 158 - Diamond & Silk, Burleigh Drummond and David Icke

Jun 29, 2019

• Diamond & Silk, Burleigh Drummond and David Icke

Join John B. in hour one for news and commentary on current events, then in hour two musician Terry Glaze joins John B to talk about his life growing up in Arlington TX & his music career with the band’s Pantera & Lord Tracy and his current band Raised By Gods.

In hour three John B. welcomes Dane Wigington aboard the mother ship to discuss geoengineering, who is behind it, what are they spraying, Haarp and more.  Don’t Miss This One!

Terry Glaze’s Website:

Dane Wigington’s Website: www.geoengineeringwatch.org

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