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Ed Butowsky | Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson | Dave Dahl

Ark Midnight 164 - Ed Butowsky, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson & Dave Dahl

Aug 10, 2019

• Ed Butowsky, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson & Dave Dahl

Join John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with guest Ed Butowsky to touch upon his fascinating life and career as a Dallas-Ft. Worth area Wealth Advisor and the recent controversies that he and his family have been embroiled in.

Then in hour two we welcome special guest Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss the political climate in America with the popular, outspoken conservative media personality, author and minister.

In the last hour former Bread-maker and entrepreneur Dave Dahl from Dave’s Killer Bread comes aboard with host John B. to discuss his interesting philosophies and views on life as well as the famous bread company he originally envisioned and started.

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