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Corey Lynn | Jason Bermas | Tom O’Neil

Ark Midnight 165 - Corey Lynn, Jason Bermas & Tom O’Neil

Aug 17, 2019

• Corey Lynn, Jason Bermas and Tom O’Neil Join

John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with guest Corey Lynn ofCoreysDigs.comand the popular You Tube Channel CoreysDigs to discuss the anomalies surrounding the Epstein case and death.

Then in hour two we welcome special guest Jason Bermas, Filmmaker, truth researcher and one of the original producers of Loose Change Final Cut to discuss his deep research on Jeffrey Epstein.

In the final hour we welcome best-selling author and investigative researcher Tom O’Neil to discuss his new book on the Charles Manson murders in Hollywood, and the strange & bizarre oddities surrounding the events that took place 50 years ago in 1969.

Corey Lynn’s Website:

Find Jason Bermas On You Tube: youtube.com/JasonJustice911

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