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Diamond & Silk

Peter Barry Chowka is in his 58th year of reporting on national news… read more

Katie G.

Darrell Y. Hamamoto, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus at the University of California… read more

Reverend Howard Storm

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Ark Midnight 167 - Diamond & Silk, Katie G. & Reverend Howard Storm

Aug 31, 2019

• Diamond & Silk, Katie G. and Reverend Howard Storm

Join John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with Diamond & Silk to discuss news in the headlines.

Then in hour two we welcome Youtube star and truth researcher Katie G. from her popular Youtube Channel: Citizens Investigative Report to explore the latest Q developments in the news .

In the final hour we welcome author and ordained minister, Reverend Howard Storm aboard the Ark to discuss his near death experience to Hell and back, including sharing the tremendous lessons learned and joy he discovered after becoming a devoted follower of Christ.

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