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Barry Farber | Dr. Allen Unruh | Dr. Tim Kirk

Ark Midnight 176 - Barry Farber, Dr. Allen Unruh & Dr. Tim Kirk

Nov 02, 2019

• Barry Farber, Dr. Allen Unruh and Dr. Tim Kirk

Join host John B. Wells aboard the Mothership the first hour as he discusses news & current events in today’s headlines.  John B is then joined by Barry Farber to discuss his legendary career and provides political commentary from a New Yokers prospective.

In hour two we welcome Dr. Allen Unruh to the program to discuss multiple subjects including Socialism vs capitalism, What is liberty?, The 2nd Amendment, free speech, why worldview makes all the difference and more.

Then in our final hour we welcome Dr. Tim Kirk , the founder of the Warrior Healing Center to discuss the Veterans Affairs system, veterans suicides, and much more.

Barry Farber’s Website:

Dr. Allen Unruh’s Website:

The Warrior Healing Center:

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