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John Dennis | Dan Happel | Sergio Michel

Ark Midnight 193 - The Silent Resistance against Leftist Hypocrisy

Feb 29, 2020


• The Silent Resistance against Leftist Hypocrisy

• First up – John Dennis for Congress, San Francisco, District 12 is running for election to the US House for CA’s 12th Con. District. He is on the ballot in the primary election on 3/3/20 ‘I want you dead’: Pelosi’s GOP challenger threatened by leftist thug’

• Next – Dan Happel is a frequent speaker on a number of crucially important and controversial subjects: UN Agenda 21; The History of Progressive Socialism in America; Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve System; and Life, Liberty & Property


• Finally – Sergio Michel is an American #hardrock musician; a national headliner also known for his unique style of guitar playing & performances. New album release – Tropical Depression


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