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Peter Barry Chowka | Kevin Gallagher | Sara Soulati

Ark Midnight 194 - Turning the MONSTER against itself

Mar 07, 2020

• Turning the MONSTER against itself

Peter Barry Chowka joins us in the first hour to discuss Francis Boyle who claims the Coronavirus is a bioweapon that has the potential of killing millions in the USA. Peter continues to write original reporting and analysis for AmericanThinker.com and now has a weekly spot for his reporting on the Barry Farber Show. Peter has reported on national politics for five decades and in the past covered presidential primaries in New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, California and New York from on the ground.


Kevin Gallagher In the second hour Kevin Gallagher, long time TV & radio host & documentary filmmaker, founder & CEO of the #TruthBeToldRadio Network (TBTRN). Kevin discusses with us how Conservative content can overcome the AI machine.



Sara Soulati In hour three we are joined by Sara Soulati. Sara has been the world’s leading expert and authority on EECP® (Enhanced External Counterpulsation), and the innovator of a clinically proven and medically published wellness program that when combined with EECP, reverses & prevents disease.


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