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Mahgdalen Rose | Ken LaCorte | Gregory Wrightstone

Ark Midnight 196 - The coronavirus Narrative

Mar 21, 2020

• The coronavirus Narrative

First Up:
• Mahgdalen Rose The host of #TheRoseReport on #CaravanToMidnight, the author of the Pro-Life children’s book of “I can hear you. The story of a not yet born human being.” A Contributor for Freedomists and a college student.


• Ken LaCorte Founder of LaCorte news. With his motto of “news unspun, talk uncensored” Ken highlights media malfeasance and Silicon Valley censorship. Ken was a senior executive at #FoxNews from 98-2016 where he headed the editorial team for 10yrs.


• Gregory Wrightstone Inconvenient Facts is a geologist and author of the bestselling book, #InconvenientFacts: The science that #AlGore doesn’t want you to know. Topic: #ClimateChange and the #coronavirus impact – more ‘inconvenient facts’ for the #Democrat narrative.


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