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Lt Col. Anthony Shaffer | Ken LaCorte | John D. O’Connor

Lt Col. Anthony Shaffer

Peter Barry Chowka is in his 58th year of reporting on national news… read more

Ken LaCorte

Darrell Y. Hamamoto, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus at the University of California… read more

John D. O'Connor

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Ark Midnight 197 - The Unknown Enemy

Mar 28, 2020

• The Unknown Enemy

• Lt Col. Anthony Shaffer #NYTimes bestselling author & retired senior intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in military operations and national security. He is also an advisor to President Trump’s 2020 Re-election Campaign.

• Ken LaCorte Founder of LaCorte News: With his motto of “news unspun, talk uncensored” Ken highlights media malfeasance & Silicon Valley censorship. Ken was a senior executive at #FoxNews from 98-2016 where he headed the editorial team for 10yrs.

• John D. O’Connor represented Mark Felt during his revelation as Deep Throat in 2005. Co-author of A G-Man’s Life: The FBI ‘Deep Throat,’ & the Struggle for Honor in Washington. Producer of Peter Landesman film Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the WH. O’Connor is the author of the new book, Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism.

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