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Peter Barry Chowka

Peter Barry Chowka is in his 58th year of reporting on national news… read more

David DuByne

Darrell Y. Hamamoto, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus at the University of California… read more

Gil Moore

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Ark Midnight 200 - Fight the Good Fight - Peter Chowka Live

Apr 18, 2020

• Fight the Good Fight – Peter Chowka Live

Peter Chowka

David DuByne

Gil Moore

Peter Chowka is an author, journalist, media analyst and commentator on various issues. With over four decades of experience reporting for publications and media including American Thinker & The Epoch Times.  Peter continues to write original reporting and analysis for American Thinker dot com.

He’s been given a weekly spot for his reporting on the Barry Farber Show. (Barry Farber is #9 on the Talkers Magazine list of the most influential radio talk show hosts of all time and is in his 60th year of broadcasting with a M-F evening talk show on CRN Digital Talk.) After several appearances in recent years on BBC Television (based in London — the largest international broadcaster), Peter was asked for his permission this past week by the BBC to be on their list of experts in U.S. political analysis who can be called on to appear as guests on BBC Television. Peter has reported on national politics for five decades and in the past covered presidential primaries in New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, California and New York from on the ground.

David DuByne is the creator of the ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age 2105-2035 video series and Mini Ice Age Conversations.

Topic: Looming Global Food Shortages Masked by the COVID19 Lockdowns. Are the global lockdowns being used as a cover for Grand Solar Minimum crop losses?


Gil Moore is a Canadian musician. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Moore was the drummer and vocalist of the Canadian power trio, Triumph. Before Moore was in Triumph he was in a band called Sherman & Peabody which also featured Buzz Shearman of Moxy and Greg Godovitz of Goddo. As drummer with the rock band Triumph.

Gil Moore is conscientious about his art, stating that in order to expand technically, it is most beneficial to experiment with a diversity of musical styles. Moore is also very attentive to his equipment and knowledgeable about how to achieve the best sound from his drums in live and recording situations. www.triumphmusic.com/

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