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Dr. Anthony Hutchinson | Mike Levine

Ark Midnight 202 - Calm before the Storm

May 02, 2020

• Calm before the Storm

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson

Mike Levine from Triumph

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson From Pillar to Post: The Doc H StoryExperience the dynamic & riveting account of a life transformed by the power of mentorship, education, faith, and determination against all odds.

By 2010, Dr. Anthony Hutchinson (“Doc H”), a newly designated Doctor of Psycho-Social Clinical Practice, was well on his way to becoming a leading Court-certified Psycho-Social Forensic Assessor as well as a nationally recognized, Judicially-qualified criminal street gang expert. Four years earlier, Doc H was identified on the front cover a widely distributed academic periodical as an up and coming university professor under the age of 40 in Canada’s largest province.

Three years later, he was recognized by the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration as one of only ten Canadians to be awarded with the prestigious federal Citation for Citizenship prior to his being engaged as a high-profile expert community contributor to help launch the City of Vancouver’s drug prevention/intervention strategy in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Prior to such accolades, however, Doc H’s perilous life journey was mired in family chaos, relentless rejection, unbridled racism and street youth gang thuggery.

Now, readers can experience the dynamic and riveting account of a life transformed by the power of mentorship, education, faith and determination against all odds intersecting with a developmental journey delineated by markers of despair, grace and mercy over a multi-layered tapestry of mixed-race complexities and fragmented human development yet culminating in God’s possibility of hope. Dr.AnthonyHutchinson.com

Mike Levine is the bassist and keyboard player for the Canadian trio, Triumph. Formed in 1975, between their 16 albums and DVDs, they’ve received 18 gold and 9 platinum awards in Canada and the United States. The band was inducted into the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in 2007, into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2008, and into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2019. Their albumTriumph ‘Classics’has been re-released as a double LP, pressed on 180 gram silver vinyl. Originally released 30 years ago, Triumph’s ‘Classics’ celebrated the legendary power trio’s greatest hits.

The band recently filmed three songs for the upcoming documentary ‘Lay It On The Line” due in December 2020 from Banger Films. The Canadian hard-rock power trioTriumphstands out as a visionary, uniquely influential entity among their fellow brethren.  Virtuoso musicianship, soaring melodies and exceptional songs with a positive perspective and outstanding live shows made vocalist / guitarist Rik Emmett, bass guitarist / keyboardist Mike Levine and vocalist / drummer Gil Moore destined for stardom.


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