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Norbert Heuser

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Ark Midnight 211 - The Secret History of America

Jul 11, 2020

• Norbert Heuser

Norbert Heuser, born in Germany in 1951 (69 years) spent most of his life between living in Germany and Asia, particularly Taiwan and China where he had his own companies, while he had his own office in Hong Kong.

Formerly married to a Chinese woman and working with and among Chinese for almost 40 years, he had a deeper insight into the culture and lifestyle than most Westerners can. There he was also introduced to Chinese medicine in Asia and established many of his activities in Asia. In his career, Norbert has successfully built up various companies. He left Mainland China some 8 years ago “for good reasons” as he says today, with the idea to not be back again. But this would be a separate topic in a separate story…….

Norbert visited and worked in 35 countries around the world. Read More ProtectPro Technology ProtectPro – Media USA episodes



Steven Harris

Steven Harris, Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1945, Steve Harris became fascinated with the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations just 5 years apart beginning in his teenage years. Then came Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers released in the NY Times in 1971 clearly showing that the entire Lyndon Johnson administration lied to the American public and Congress causing the physical and moral devastation in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. That was all bad enough, but when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney overthrew a sovereign government with no WMDs or proof of any terrorist activities by the Iraqi government, Mr. Harris began his 17-year investigative reporting of the U.S. government.

He is now so proud to be able to present history buffs and the average book reader who is searching for answers, the truths behind the stories they don’t want you to know. Steve Harris On Facebook Book:America’s Secret History View more episodes

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