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Ark Midnight 212 - Dropping the Hammer

Jul 18, 2020

• Charles Ortel


Charles Ortel is a private investor, writer, and analyst who covers global financial markets and geopolitical developments/trends, with an eye on exposing fraud and corruption. Since 2015, he has been investigating the work of charities, in particular those that seem to be operating illegally to create wealth and extend political power for their trustees, executives, and selected donors. Starting in 2007, Mr. Ortel was among those who warned of a looming credit and stock market crisis, concentrating, and exposing risks posed then by General Electric Company, a multinational enterprise most thought was safe, secure, and promising.

Since then, he has been among the few who warned that traditional attempts to reignite economic growth (governments spending more than they took in), or unusual approaches (Central Banks suppressing benchmark interest rates) would fail, and only complicate underlying problems. @CharlesOrtel CharlesOrtel.com Facebook: Charles Ortel Playlist of Podcasts Mary Fanning and Alan Jones are investigative journalists who exposed ports management company Gulftainer’s connections to Saddam Hussein’s WMD programs, Russia’s Club-K Container Missile Launching System, and the now-collapsed Middle East private equity firm The Abraaj Group.  They also exposed Gulftainer’s connection to Iraq’s Unit 999 terror squad that was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Gulftainer has thus far taken over container operations at two strategic U.S. seaports, with more U.S. port takeover deals planned.

Mary Fanning & Alan Jones

Fanning and Jones were the first journalists to make the connection between President Trump’s tweet where he accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower to the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER that had been commandeered by President Obama, John Brennan, and James Clapper. Their work has appeared at The Center For Security Policy, Breitbart News, Communities Digital News, Lifezette, 1776 Channel, and The American Report.

@realMaryFanning TheAmericanReport.org

Facebook: The American Report

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