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Aug 15, 2020

• John Barbour

John Barbour is a Canadian high school dropout at 15, and deported at 17, John Barbour is recognized as ‘The Godfather Of Reality TV’ as the creator-Producer, Co-Host, and Writer of the trend setting hit ‘Real People.’  He won the first of his 5 Emmys as the original Host of ‘AM LA’ in 1970 where he interviewed controversial anti-war guests like Mohammed Ali, Cesar Chavez and Jane Fonda. He was the first in America to do film reviews on the News, winning 3 more consecutive Emmys as KNBC’s ‘Critic-At-Large.’ And ten years as Los Angeles Magazine’s most widely read and quoted controversial critic.

Prior to that he was a successful topical stand-up comedian, appearing on ‘The Dean Martin Show,’ ‘The Tonight Show,’ and others; and in Las Vegas opening for Robert Goulet and Bobby Darin. Comedian-activist Dick Gregory did the liner notes for his first album, ‘It’s Tough To Be White,’ and Play-write Neil Simon did them for his second album, ‘I Met A Man I Didn’t Like!’ In addition, he was also Frank Sinatra’s private writer for four years.  In 1992 he wrote and Directed the award-winning ‘The Garrison Tapes,’ which Director Oliver Stone heralded as ‘The perfect companion piece to my movie ‘JFK.’ 25 years later, in 2017 he wrote and Directed Part 2 called: ‘The American Media and The 2nd assassination Of President John F. Kennedy,’ which leading researchers applaud as ‘The definitive film on JFK and the rise of Fake News’.  Which plagues America to this day. John said, ‘I am not a conspiracy theorist.  Just a storyteller.


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• Ronnie Parkes

Ronnie Parkes is the American bass player from NJ in the German rock legends Bonfire. Bonfire is based in Ingolstadt Germany. Bonfire has sold over 4 million albums over their 35 year history. Including a gold record in Germany and many times on the charts including the newest album Fistful of Fire which charted at 35 in Germany and 38 in Switzerland. Bonfire performs 80-100 shows a year across Europe and eastern countries.

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