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Dr. Laura Pressley

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Paul Martin

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Ark Midnight 219 - Operation Ballot Box

Sep 05, 2020

• Dr. Laura Pressley, Ph.D.

True Texas Elections, LLC

Dr. Laura Pressley is first and foremost a Christian. Her research interests include electronic voting system technology, computerized voting tabulation processes and security, statistical analysis of electronic voting results, technical analysis of central counting station central accumulator audit logs.

She contested her 2014 Austin City Council election results and discovered evidence of electronic voting corruption in Travis County and that most Texas counties are not following state laws with regard to backup records to validate electronic voting results. Her election contest legal case went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court and she prevailed. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that statistical data, vote tabulation irregularities, and error messages on audit logs were evidence that could be used by future candidates contesting election results. While many election integrity activists focus on “who votes,” Dr. Pressley founded True Texas Elections, LLC to address “how votes are counted.”

Over the years, Pressley has trained and worked with hundreds of central counting station election watchers and election judges around Texas.

Twitter: @PressleyRoxATX

Paul Martin


Paul Martin is a household name in NZ since hosting the Axe Attack metal radio show in 1987(the longest running show in NZ broadcasting history).  At that time lead guitarist for popular rock band Knightshade, Paul went on to play guitar for Blackjack hitting the NZ charts at #24 with Now You Fly.  Stints in cover bands filled in a few years until Paul formed World War Four a gritty 3-piece metal act with Paul on guitar and vocals. He then formed Devilskin in 2010 and returned to bass guitar.

The band has gone ion to release 3 studio albums (all #1 in NZ), a live album and twelve videos. he band has won Best Rock Act at the NZ Music awards and has toured NZ and overseas with the likes of Halestorm, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Disturbed, Slash, Rob Zombie and Korn garnering themselves a reputation as a fierce and determined act with a spectacular live show.

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