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Peter Chowka

Peter Barry Chowka is in his 58th year of reporting on national news… read more

Ark Midnight 228 - Naked Enemy - Host Peter Chowka

Nov 07, 2020

• Host Peter Chowka


Twitter @PChowka

Peter Chowka Worked as an investigative journalist in a variety of media — including print, radio, television, and documentary films — for the past five decades. He has done on the ground reporting on national politics, Medicine Inc. and Big Pharma, and promising innovative alternative medical treatments. His work was recognized by the National Institutes of Health, which appointed Peter to two of the first advisory panels of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine in 1992.

Since 2017, Peter has contributed over 250 articles on politics, socialism, the media, Covid-19, and other subjects to American Thinker dot com. Recently, he was invited to be a regular contributor to the BBC — the largest broadcaster in the world.

Peter’s Web site with links to his free archive of several hundred articles at American Thinker and The Epoch Times is https://peter.media

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