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Ark Midnight 229 - Mind Wars - Host Peter Chowka

Nov 14, 2020

Host Peter Chowka

Peter Chowka Worked as an investigative journalist in a variety of media — including print, radio, television, and documentary films — for the past five decades. He has done on the ground reporting on national politics, Medicine Inc. and Big Pharma, and promising innovative alternative medical treatments. His work was recognized by the National Institutes of Health, which appointed Peter to two of the first advisory panels of the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine in 1992.

Since 2017, Peter has contributed over 250 articles on politics, socialism, the media, Covid-19, and other subjects to American Thinker dot com. Recently, he was invited to be a regular contributor to the BBC — the largest broadcaster in the world.

Peter’s Web site with links to his free archive of several hundred articles at American Thinker and The Epoch Times is http://peter.media

Peter’s Twitter where he welcomes new followers is @pchowka


Twitter @PChowka

Bob Just

Talk radio veteran, has guest-hosted for Sean Hannity. His television appearances include, “Hannity” and ABC’s “Politically Incorrect.” He worked in research and development on Hannity’s best-seller, “Deliver Us from Evil.”

Bob is the founder and president of Concerned Families, which has been recognized in the Congressional Record, by the Bush 43 White House and by local law enforcement. Bob received his MFA from NYU film school and can speak on many subjects. Contact him at bobjust.com.

Twitter @BobJust1


Democrats for America.com

• Walter Egan

Having achieved Pop Culture cult status as an answer in the New York Times crossword puzzle (as well as in People magazine’s and TV Guide’s), Walter Egan is still thrilling live crowds and still vitally rockin’ and writing great new songs from his home outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Best loved for his million-selling chart-topper “Magnet and Steel”, Egan is more than a one hit wonder. His follow-up to that hit, “Hot Summer Nights” (also made a hit world-wide by the group Night), was used as the inspiration for Eminem’s comeback smash We Made You. Walter’s composition, “Hearts On Fire”, was recorded by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris on the classic album “Grievous Angel”.

With numerous covers of his songs around the world, Walter has up to now released ten solo CDs as well as three with the Brooklyn Cowboys and six with the Malibooz. A British compilation has just been released with his first four Columbia LPs called “The Collection”.

“Magnet and Steel” is featured in commercials such as Toyota and in major motion pictures: This Is Forty, Deuce Bigelow, Boogie Nights, Overnight Delivery, The Night We Never Met and most recently in the HBO series Divorce.

Walter Egan.com/

FB: Walter Egan

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