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Stan Deyo

Stan Deyo

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Ark Midnight 232 – Lights OUT

Dec 05, 2020

• Stan Deyo

1. Stan has five children and 15 grandchildren (two of whom are great-grandsons).
2. He discovered the actual Garden of Eden in Tanzania.
3. Filmed the water source from Eden that watered the Garden of Eden.
4. Located the site of the two trees in the Garden of Eden in the Ngorongoro Crater.
5. Discovered the Atlantis and the asteroid impact that destroyed it and caused the Flood of Noah.
6. Worked with the real Indiana Jones (Dr. Vendyl Jones) on translating the Copper Scrolls.
7. Explored Dr. Jones’ dig at the Wadi Ha Kippah in the Jordan Valley (near the Kumran caves).
8. Hosted a 3-part television series in Australia: UFOs Are Here, UFOs Deyo & You, and UFOs.
9. Hosted a 2-part television show on Nikola Tesla (Eye of the Storm)
10. Made the first system to allow computer graphics to work on PAL broadcast television systems.
11. Was an invited guest to the USAF Space Command regarding Near Earth Objects.
12. Was twice a guest of the Hopi at Shungopavi Mesa and was told prophecies of interest.
13. Had a near-death experience in 1969 that showed him a lot of physics about our Universe.
14. Had several dream-visions that showed him future events (many already happened).
15. Developed a method for predicting coastal earthquakes using Naval (FNMOC) satellite data.
16. Co-invented the EMP Shield which was patented in 2020 and is being tested by the government.
17. Located the source of atmospheric electricity that T. Henry Moray was able to tap.
18. Has a Patreon channel (stanhollydeyo) to share videos, info and hold a monthly fireside forum.

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