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Maria Zack | Paul Preston

Ark Midnight 240 - Forces of Opposition

Jan 30, 2021

• Maria Zack

Business and political strategist, a top global elite-trained government affairs expert, inventor, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Ms. Zack has been successful in creating many companies in a number of different industries.

Currently, Ms. Zack is CEO and founder of Quantum Solutions Software, Inc., a software development company working to develop integrated project management tools with social media applications.

She is most proud of her work with Nations in Action, a non-profit she founded in 2017 to promote transparency and accountability in governments and to be an advocate for families and family success. Nations in Action boasts many successes in its advocacy work and is currently focused on exposing the greatest election theft in history – the fraudulent presidential election of 2020.

• Paul Preston

Founder and President of The Movement for a New California State. Paul is also the host of Red State Talk Radio’s “Agenda 21 Radio.” The New California State movement came alive over five years ago and is now on the verge of becoming the 51ststate in the Union. Concerned about the creep of socialism and communism in the state of California over the past thirty years Paul searched for a way to stop the ultimate totalitarian take-over of the state of California and the United States. Paul found it in the Founding Fathers Article IV, Section 3 with the formation of a new state from a pre-existing state.

New California State declared Independence from the state of California on January 15, 2020, following Article IV, Section 3 (state split clause) of the U.S. Constitution. In addition, New California State conducted 7 constitutional conventions, created a bicameral legislature, passed 26 resolutions, established 56 county committees, and selected delegates to the upcoming convention to draft the New California State Constitution. New California has recently informed observers from the White House will be at the second convention in February 2021 as observers. Following the West Virginia statehood model of 1861 New California State is the first effort to form a new state utilizing the state split clause, Article IV, Section 3 since 1861.

California alone has attempted over 200 state splits since 1849 yet not one has followed the U.S. Constitution’s state split clause. New California State is following the Constitution as designed by the Founding Fathers and utilizes the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights as their tools in the “originalist” constitutionalist model. New California State has read over 135 Grievances against the state of California over 3 years as part of January 15, 2018, Declaration of Independence process.

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