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Ark Midnight 247 - The Art Of The Insult

Mar 20, 2021

• Nick Searcy

Twitter: @yesnicksearcy

Nick Searcy is a consistent presence in American film and television going on for three decades. He has starred in independent films as well as studio blockbuster hits, including The Ugly Truth, The Last Song, Castaway, The Fugitive, Head of State, Runaway Jury, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Blood Done Sign My Name, The Dead Girl, An American Crime, and Fried Green Tomatoes amongst others. He’s amazing, and he’ll even tell you so!

Most notably, he has laid down the law in his own special way for several seasons as Deputy Art Mullen on the FX Network’s JUSTIFIED.

Nick was a series regular on five other different shows: 7 DAYS, AMERICAN GOTHIC, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, RODNEY, and EASY MONEY, and has guested on THE WEST WING, BOSTON LEGAL, and CSI. He also has shocked horror fans in the features DEADLY END, COLD STORAGE, and TIMBER FALLS.

His combined abilities to bring Hollywood “inside baseball” into the public eye while also being one of its top starting pitchers was also epitomized in MONEYBALL from Sony Pictures. His on-screen exploration of “race relations”, NASCAR that is, and law enforcement are also to be seen in Jerry Bruckheimer’s Days of Thunder.

His language can be salty and sometimes even not fit to print, but by God, he’ll speak whatever truth is on his mind, and he doesn’t really care if he hurts the feelings of those who worship at the altar of falsehoods. Perhaps that’s likely why the late Rush Limbaugh even invited him to guest host his show?

As a huge fan of wrestling, Nick has a deep appreciation for the ability to combine dramatics, aerial acrobatics, and submission holds… and that’s just during an entertaining debate. Just ask anyone who has been the victim of one of his epic pile drivers on Twitter or been flattened by one of his flying splash bombs from high upon the third rope of truth, justice, and the American way.

Speaking of the American way, his latest project; “America America, God shed His Grace on Thee”, features his own version of Paul Revere sounding the alarm on horseback, motorcycle, and even by scooter. It is a must-see docu-comedy that delivers laughter, intimate conversation with Washington insiders, many notable conservative commentators, and even a tear or two for those who can appreciate its gravitas.

Steve McQueen and Keanu Reeves would be most proud as Nick bravely performs all of his own stunts!

America America also presents the poignant and unscripted honor of including what was sadly to be the last on-screen interview, personal insights, and eternally cherished memories, including some amazing singing, offered by the late great Herman Cain.

Joel Gilbert

Twitter: @JoelSGilbert

Joel Gilbert is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and President of Highway 61 Entertainment. Gilbert is also a political commentator and foreign policy analyst. His most recent film is The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America.

He has produced documentary feature films on Barack Obama, Dreams from My Real Father (2012), Progressive politics, There’s No Place Like Utopia (2014), and Donald Trump, Trump The Art of the Insult (2018). He has also produced films on Middle East history including Farewell Israel and Atomic Jihad. Gilbert’s other films cover music icons Bob Dylan, Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years (2010) as well as comedies on Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley.

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