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Stan Deyo

Stan was a cadet at the USAF Academy. After he finished his service… read more

Ark Midnight 253 - The Final Countdown

May 1, 2021

• Stan Deyo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stan.deyo.1?
Full Bio At: https://standeyo.com/bio.Stan.html?

• Cesare Sacchetti
Telegram Channel: @CesareSacchettiEngl
Twitter: @CesareSacchetti

Italy has given our world many great explorers of the earth and the universe, names like Columbus and Galileo. One man who has braved exploring intercontinental world affairs and gazed deeply through the telescope of truth into the black hole of corruption is Cesare Sachetti. Not to be confused with Giulio Cesar Sachetti, a Catholic bishop of the 16th century, this Cesare is an investigative journalist who may not be quite as welcome in Vatican affairs due to secretly listening to the confessions of several independent and confidential sources nearby.

Le Informazioni segrete possono essere molto pericoloso… (Secret information can be very dangerous) Just ask another Italian named Rudy Giuliani.

Cesare Sachetti resides in Rome, Italy. And when in Rome… as an investigative journalist, he delves into affairs that affect things here in the new world, from “Spy-gate” to “Italy-gate”. And like Marco Polo, his investigative odyssey has also explored some new discoveries from China.

While scholars and mainstream culinary pundits may continue to frivolously debate whether it was the Chinese or the Italians that invented pasta? The answer may just be it was a secret collaboration between Italy, China, and those with an appetite for communist cuisine. Meanwhile, Cesare is attempting to reveal the secret recipe behind a certain one-time campaign quote; “Can you smell what Barak’s got cookin”? Yes, Cesare and his Pisano’s certainly have smelled it, and he’s most hopeful that America will send back their appetizer before the main course arrives… and to never have an appetite for such things again…

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