Featured Guests

Dr. Andrew Gallimore and Eric Alper

Ark Midnight 256 - The Cosmic Game

May 22, 2021

• Dr. Andrew Gallimore
Twitter: @alieninsect

Dr. Andrew Gallimore is a computational neurobiologist, pharmacologist, chemist, and writer interested in the neural basis of psychedelic drug action and their potential as tools for communicating with alien intelligences. In particular, he believesthe powerful psychedelic drug, N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), should be developed as a technology for establishing stable communication with advanced intelligences outside of our universe. He lives and works in Japan.

• Eric Alper
Twitter: @ThatEricAlper

Eric Alper is an award-winning publicist, music commentator and a self-proclaimed “shameless idealist” and there’s certainly no shame in that, especially when you are known as one of the best public relations pros in the global music industry. He’s a 16-time Juno award winner for his un-paralleled abilities to create an international buzz for those who are busy making music and creating songs for our enjoyment.  Literally growing up in hisgreat-grandfather’s legendary musical venue, Grossman’s Tavern, he was intimately exposed to some of the best Blues, R&B, musical acts and performers on the roadas well as many famous local acts within his hometown Toronto.

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