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Ark Midnight 264 - Medusa In The Crosshairs

July 17, 2021


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Robert Vicino

The Vivos Project is headed by Robert Vicino, an entrepreneur with a global history of success in manufacturing, marketing and real estate development. In 1980, Robert was inspired to build a shelter for 1,000 people, deep underground to protect us from a coming life-extinction event. That was decades ago, but it was so vivid and compelling, that he dropped everything and started looking for an underground cave or abandoned mine that could be hardened to create a shelter of massive proportions, to save as many people as he could.

Craig Roberts USMC ret., Lt. Col. US Army Reserves ret.

Craig’s collective abilities to assemble truth bombs and dismantle falsehoods as an author and an investigator are a natural talent and a passionate past time. Having written several very compelling books, his latest; The Medusa File II , is a composite volume that diligently exposes the entwined evils and secretive serpentine schemes nefariously associated with the Oklahoma City bombing, and the mainstream cover-up of a mass murder, falsely accredited to yet another government appointed patsy.

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