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Ark Midnight 272 - Men of the West

Sept 11, 2021


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• Brandon Smith
Website: https://alt-market.us/

Brandon Smith is a 15-year veteran of the liberty movement and the founder of the Alternative Market Project.

His website is Alt-Market.us and he is focused on analysis of mainstream disinformation, economic instability, as well as practical solutions and preparedness in the face of large-scale crisis events. He promotes organized resistance, voluntarism and decentralization in order to combat the globalist erosion of our freedoms.

• Derrick Mark & James Williamson

The motto says “Leave no man behind”…But as we have all been made sadly aware, countless Americans and other nationalities, men and women, remain at risk in Afghanistan due a highly questionable exit strategy. One that has made the fall of Saigon look like a highly choreographed precision marching band at half time. Many of those awaiting safe passage home are in Afghanistan on mission work outside of our “military mission”. Christian mission workers and Afghan Christians face extreme consequences and face a litany of horrors from brutal execution to being kidnapped, ransomed, enslaved by Taliban captors or traded and sold off as slaves.

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