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Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland

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Ark Midnight 55 - Between Lambs and Lions- With Mark Sutherland

Jul 08, 2017


• Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland is a film producer who has produced and co-produced a number of short films. He has teamed up with Writer director Ted Wilkes of Bottle rocket films to Produce Between Lambs and Lions starring Paterson Joseph, Finbar Lynch.

Between Lambs and Lions is a political thriller, set against a dystopian future, the American constitution is null and void and with it the Star Spangled Banner assigned to a museum. In 2016 Mark entered the most important political event in recent UK history. Mark produced and Directed Flexcit the Movie, the definitive Guide to the UK leaving the European Union but saving its economy. Mark has found himself recently having the privilege of broadcasting on a regular basis to the US on the Voice of Montana, Hear the Watchman YouTube channel and other independent avenues.

Mark is a committed Christian and will be discussing with us tonight: 1, The Recent British Election why and what happened. 2, The EU Debate the vote 2016 and what has gone on. 3, The parallels between what is happening in the UK and the US.

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