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Ole Dammegard

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Ark Midnight 89 - Mike Kerr & Ole Dammegard

Mar 03, 2018

• Mike Kerr & Ole Dammegard

Mike Kerrstarts with an update on the Hear the Watchmen conference 22 – 25 March 2018 in Dallas Texas.

Then Ole Dammegard to update on the next possible ‘false flag’ in America.

Over the past 35 years, Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders, as well as many other major ‘events’. The same Global Elite seem to have used the same skilled mechanics for decades for doing their ‘dirty work’. He has written the following books: ‘Coup d’etat in Slow Motion’ Part I and II / Statskupp i Slowmotion Del I och II, Shadow of Tears / Likt Tårar i ett Regn, The power book ‘Re-Mind Me’, the children’s book ‘Yolanda Yogapanda – Truth is One, Paths are Many’ and is currently working of the following title; ‘A Global Tour of Terror Part I and II, ‘The Elusive Enigma’ and the book ‘Guilty Victim’.

He is also very busy with a series of documentaries aiming at exposing many of the false flag operations that are currently hitting modern society. Ole has been among the key speakers at many International conferences, including the JFK Conference in Dallas, Texas, the Quiet Minute on Dealey Plaza on November 22, 2016, outside the Bilderberg Meeting in Denmark, and has had the privilege of being a special guest on hundreds and hundreds of programs, such as Caravan to Midnight, USA, Buzzsaw, USA, The People’s Voice, UK, The Richie Allen Show, UK, Red Ice Creations (15 hours), Sweden/USA, Project Camelot, USA, Veritas Radio, USA, Anarchast Radio, Mexico, The Real Deal with Prof. Jim Fetzer, USA, No Lies Radio with Dr Kevin Barrett, USA, Super Woo Radio, Australia, Global Peace Radio, UK, Open Your Mind Radio, Ireland, Talk Radio Europe, Spain, Freedom Radio, Denmark, Freedom Reigns, Australian Phi in the Sky etc.

He has also had articles published on prominent websites such as Veterans Today.

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