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Mary Fanning | Alan Jones | William Jasper

Ark Midnight 92 - Mary Fanning, Alan Jones & William Jasper

Mar 24, 2018

• Mary Fanning, Alan Jones & William Jasper

Mary and Alan come on early in the show for an update on the Gulftainer Port Canaveral Secret “Project Pelican” deal.

Then we will speak with William Jasper in the second half of the show.

William F. Jasper is the senior editor of TNA.  Bill earned a bachelor’s degree in child psychology and education from the University of Idaho.  He has a well-earned reputation as one of America’s top investigative reporters and has attended several international conferences hosted by the United Nations.  He is most known for his work on the Oklahoma City bombing and its aftermath.

Bill has also authored two books, Global Tyranny … Step by Step and The United Nations Exposed.

Williams Website: TheNewAmerican.com

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