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Jeremy Brown | Brooke Federline

Ark Midnight 248 - To Free The Oppressed

Mar 27, 2021

Jeremy Brown

Their motto is “De Oppresso Liber” — “To Free the Oppressed.” The Green Beret is a fighting force for those who cannot fight for themselves. First and foremost, the Army Special Forces Soldier is a volunteer in a dangerous profession. Each member takes an Oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign…. and domestic.

Jeremy Brown is a highly trained American patriot having served for two decades as a Special Forces Green Beret. He’s also a father to 5 daughters and a retired businessman. Thanks to the ambitions and foresight of President John F Kennedy, part of the training that is unique to the Green Berets beyond their highly skilled overt and covert combat tactics, is the ability to discern psychological warfare at work in its many forms, as a defender or as an assailant.

Jeremy is also a veteran of the political system and its workings, having been a Republican congressional candidate in his hometown of Tampa Fl. Like all defenders of our nation, he took an Oath, so it’s only natural that he might also be a member of Oathkeepers as are many veterans in addition to the III% movement and other noble patriots and veterans fraternities.

A November2020 Twitter message of his was said to because of some unspecified concerns regarding several abstract and unsubstantiated ideas attached to the pending inaugural ceremonies of Jan. 6th. On Dec 12, 2020, federal agents representing the FBI and DHS paid a visit to his home. Their stated reason was to conduct a “wellness check” and they offered nebulous forms of pleasantries and asked if he was “ok”? Their attempt at an innocuous, friendly, yet highly suspicious “how ya’ doin” then morphed into a subtle, yet most tangible solicitation and recruitment attempt. A “recruitment” for just what?… To spy and report on fellow members of the Oathkeepers! Making sure that fellow veterans and patriots who had taken an oath to defend their nation and its Constitution wouldn’t do anything like….um, ah, …be a threat to the deep state, or expose corruption, false flags, or contrived covert operations to subvert the Constitution…

Being trained in advanced survival skills actually includes eating rats if necessary, but whose idea was it to ask veterans to become a Stasi-like rat here in America? Even offering them money to do so.

Is Jeremy’s recon intel from this interaction credible? Yes, it was actually even recorded. They may have forgotten who they were dealing with, but he certainly didn’t. It now serves as an example of what can happen when ineffective bureaucrats and paranoid policy strategists begin to act like the very regimes that our soldiers are risking and giving their lives to protect us from.

Brooke Federline

Brooke was born in New Zealand to a multigenerational Luciferian & satanic family cult. She was trained in MK Ultra projects to track train and recruit satans army for end times. In 2014 everything started to unravel, and she began to expose the new world order plans after Jesus saved her and gave her the assignment she was born for.

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