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Aurora Light


In the book, “Prepare for the Landings!” co-author Aurora, shares her encounters with benevolent human appearing extraterrestrials, her life saved by Divine Intervention and other unique life changing super-natural encounters. Aurora’s profound experiences while growing up in the Detroit area, and years of study, lead to her career in metaphysics. She found herself affecting the outcome of many events with her mind. Her “Muse” work, intuitive health counseling and long distance healing, has changed thousands of people lives for the better. Aurora is an expert on “Trespasso,” the ancient art of remembering and seeing past lives, and privately teaches her students techniques on how to open their third eye and spiritually connect with the God force.

For over two decades Aurora has traveled throughout North America and Great Britain openly sharing her knowledge with thousands of Lightworkers at conferences and places of higher learning, and has written for articles for many magazines. Aurora has met many of the rich and famous, even connecting with some of Europe’s royalty, and well known stars who sought her metaphysical insight. Many lives were forever transformed by their newly found synergy. Intrusive experiences with government “Black-Op’s” have convinced her that the cover-up on human appearing ET’s is a very serious matter to them. She has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows throughout the US, Canada and Great Britain and featured on many of the BBC’s programs. She produces and hosts VortexNetworkNews.com that specializes in views, news and interviews with attitude. Aurora is the Vice President of a revolutionary breakthrough technology company called AuroraTek. A company specializing in advanced green, clean energy solutions.

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