Bernice Jones


I am wife and married to Dan 43 years May 2016. I am a mother of three children and a grandmother blessed with eight grandchildren.

My pro-life journey:

My son, Brandon, age sixteen, suffered a serious head injury in 1999. He died, not due to his head injury, rather, due to not being treated to protect and preserve his life. Declared “brain dead” and certified dead, his true death occurred twenty hours later after being forced to endure a four and one half hour vivisection. His liver, pancreas, both kidneys and lastly, his beating heart was excised, thus, killing him.

I was led to the discovery of my son, Brandon’s, true death.

Sharing what I knew to be true, I was given an article authored by Dr. Paul Byrne from a friend within weeks of my son’s death and I made contact with him.

I ordered and received Brandon’s medical records. Discovered was what I had already knew to be the truth and thus, my informal education began. Thankfully, Dr. Byrne provided good instruction.

Having learned the true death of my son, I immediately began speaking out. I organized a public meeting in 2000 in Vancouver, WA and Dr. Byrne was the guest speaker. I also arranged an interview on KPDQ FM and the response was overwhelming.

Lifetimes, INC. – 2001

I opened a business in pursuit of circulating Dr. Byrne’s articles and other information to pro-life organizations, churches, the public and made many contacts. Within a short time, however, I realized without leadership, an authoritative voice to carry this life and soul saving message, and quickly, this empirical industrial giant of death, the OPO/UNOS would continue to expand the parameters of death.

The Life Guardian – 2005

I changed the name of my business and opened a website. I continued to research, read and educate myself regarding this subject. I began posting Dr. Byrn’s artice links and contact information on every website I could. I responded to many articles published on various websites and Dr. Byrne’s audience grew outside of the ‘comfort zone’ of complacency.

Life Guardian Foundation – 2007

Dr. Byrne and I united, forming a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. He is now known as the foremost pro-life leader throughout the world.

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