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Are You Really Going To Drink That?: Why You Need A Water Filter and How To Choose The Right One. © Bryan Stevens

Bryan Stevens


Bryan Stevens joins us from Atlanta, Georgia, where he serves the trade industries as a business owner, serves his church as a Prayer Team Leader and serves the patriot community as the founder of “Survival On Purpose.” Bryan’s recent commentary on the fastest ways to get yourself killed as a concealed carry citizen grabbed our attention.

Today we are going to discuss the primacy of the Constitution, what is happening to traditional America and the Biblical principles of family, God, country and moral certitude in a world that seems less and less certain about anything.

Bryan Stevens is the father of four sons ages 17 through 31. Two of whom are Eagle Scouts, as is one grandson. Bryan has dedicated years to the shaping of young men in order to equip them for leadership roles in business, church and family.

You can find Bryan’s videos on the YouTube channel “Survival On Purpose”, where he dissiminates information on everything from Constitutional gun ownership to preparation tactics and gear reviews designed for regular folks.

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