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Christopher Ward


Have the lockdowns or the economic effects and restrictions posed by Covid 19 got you down?… It’s said that each of us has a book inside of us and for some of us, even a song or two waiting to get out there.

Christopher Ward is a man who’s decided to put pen to paper and make the most of a bad situation. Practice makes perfect and persistence pays. Sometimes very well, especially when other people are captivated by what you’ve got to say, or even sing it for themselves…and he’s living proof that you don’t need to go stand at the crossroads in the dark or trade your soul for success.

You know Christopher Ward’s music. You’ve heard it sung by, Diana Ross, Peter Cetera, Anne Murray, Hilary Duff, The Backstreet Boys, and others. But maybe there’s another way to hear it. You also likely know Alannah Myles’ classic “Black Velvet”, but have you ever heard it sung by the person who wrote it, revealing a completely different experience of a song that’s so familiar? A song that in the last year alone has been covered by Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Etheridge, and The Masked Singer, along with a parade of hopefuls on “American Idol” and “The Voice”?

“Same River Twice” is the new album from Christopher Ward, a testimony from someone who’s been working life out on a guitar and in a notebook for a half a century and then some… Songs about; loss, the joy of the moment, blessings and regrets, from one who’s lived it and has the stories to tell.

Deep faith in the creative process led to his making of “Same River Twice” in the summer of 2020. A group of brilliant players and singers gathered in the legendary Orange Lounge studio to record Ward’s newest songs in a way that hearkened back to the classic Motown and Mussel Shoals style of working. Covid cops need not fret, acoustic panels are great viral protectors and all involved are still very healthy.

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