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Antimisiaris D., Morton L. Clinics Review Articles; Co-Editors.  Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice-Geriatrics. Released as the September 28, 2017 Issue.  “Geriatrics, An Issue of Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice, 1st Edition. Editors- Demetra Antimisiaris and Laura Morton.  Consulting Editor- Joel Heidelbaugh.    Elsevier Publishers.

Antimisiaris D., Cutler T.  Authors. Polypharmacy in the 15 Minute Office Visit. Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice-Geriatrics.  September 2017. Vol 44. Issue 3, 413-428.

Antimisiaris, D., Cheek, D.  Polypharmacy (Text Book Chapter)  2016 Gerontological Nursing 4rd Edition, Editor Kristen L. Mauk. In press. Jones & Bartlett Learning Publisher.-additional substance abuse in the elderly chapter in planning for 5th edition.


National Library of Medicine Pub Med Listing of Peer Reviewed Publications – Website

Dame Demetra Antimisiaris


Dr. Dee, Demetra Antimisiaris earned a Clinical Doctorate in Pharmacy in 1989 from the University of the Pacific and completed a Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Residency in 1990 at the Veteran’s Administration & UCLA. For 15 years she was a consultant pharmacist and joined academia from the private sector mid-career to lead the University of Louisville Polypharmacy Program.

Her academic career is notable for producing education on Polypharmacy management skills for diverse health care professions where none existed previous. Dr. Dee’s work includes several NIH funded studies using her innovative research method to assess polypharmacy’s impact on clinical outcomes, and modeling medication use, risk based on individual person-centered factors.

In 2019, Dr. Dee was awarded the Archambault Award which is the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist’s highest honor, conferred to an individual for their outstanding contributions to the profession. (Selected by past recipients)

She is currently part of a dedicated COVID-19 research team working on a large study called “The Burden of COVID-19” as part of the University of Louisville’s CERID (Center of Excellence for Research in Infectious Disease)

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